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Equipsource LF-WK Generator Wheel Kit Equipsource LF-WK Generator Wheel Kit

Lifan's universal wheel kit for all "open-frame" style generators and water pumps. Includes 1 axle, 2 wheels, 2 handles, and 2 legs. All bolts, nuts and cotter pins included.

Our Price: $74.99
Pulsar PG1202S Portable Generator Pulsar PG1202S Portable Generator, 120 V, 8.3 A, 900/1200 W, 2-Stroke Air-Cooled, 1-Cylinder

72 cc single cylinder 2 hp. 2-stroke, air cooled. Recoil start. 12V DC output. Two 120 V outlets. Runs 8.5h at half load. Max output: 1200W/60HZ. Rated output: 900W/60HZ.

Our Price: $179.99
Equipsource EnergyStorm ES1500 Portable Generator Equipsource EnergyStorm ES1500 Portable Generator, 120 VAC, 12 A, 1500/1200 W, 4-Stroke OHV

Lifan portable generator specs: 1500 w surge, 1200 w rated, 2-120 v/20 amp AC receptacle. 1-12 v/8.3 amp DC receptacle. 1.5 MHP (97.7 cc) Lifan 4 stroke gasoline engine, recoil start, 1.00 gallon fuel tank, 6 hour run time (at 50 percent load). 63 decibles sound rating.

Our Price: $299.99
Pulsar PG2000 Portable Generator Pulsar PG2200 Portable Generator, 120 V, 8.3 A, 1400/2200 W, 4-Stroke OHV Air-Cooled, 1-Cylinder

4-stroke, OHV, air cooled. Recoil start. 12V DC output without voltmeter. Two 120V outlets. Max output: 2200W/60HZ. Rated output: 1600W/60HZ.

Our Price: $329.99
Equipsource ES2200 Portable Generator Equipsource ES2200 Portable Generator, 120 VAC, 15 A, 2200/1800 W, Overhead Valve

Lifan portable generator specs: 2200 w surge, 1800 w rated, 2-120v/20 amp AC receptacle, 4 MHP (118cc) Lifan 4-stroke gasoline engine, recoil start 1.98 gallon fuel tank, 7.5 hour run time (at 50 percent load) 74 decibels sound rating.

Our Price: $379.99
Pulsar PG4500 Portable Generator Pulsar PG5250 Dual Fuel Generator, 4 gal Capacity, 76 dB, 3500/4500 W, 30 A, 120/240 VAC, 23-1/4 in L x 17 in W

Max. output 5250W. Rated output 4250W. Single cylinder 7 HP engine, 224cc 4 stroke, OHV, air cooled. Two 120 volt outlets, one 120v/240v twist lock, 12 volt DC output and 3 in-1 digital meter. Pulll start.

Our Price: $499.99
Pulsar PG4500B Generator Pulsar PG4500B Dual Fuel Generator, 0.42 gph, 4 gal Capacity, 70 dB, 7 hp, 29/26 A, 120/240 V, Black/White Housing

Max. output: 5250W/60HZ. Rated output 4250W/60HZ; OHV single cylinder, 4 stroke, air cooling. Recoil start. Two 120 volt outlets; one 120 volt twick lock. One 30A RV outlet; 12 volt DC output. 3 into 1 digital meter. Uses gasoline and propane.

Our Price: $679.99
Generac GP 5939 Portable Generator Generac GP 5939 Portable Generator, 120/240 VAC, 23 A, 5500/6875 W, Overhead Valve

Hardened steel tube cradle. Steel fuel tank with incorporated fuel gauge. Locking fold-down handles and wheel kit. Low-oil shutdown. Hour meter with maintenance resets. Specs: AC Rated Output, 5kW / 5000 Watts; AC Maximum Output - 6.25 kW / 6250 Watts; AC Voltage - 120V/240V; AC Frequency - 60 Hz; 120 VAC Amperage Rated 41.6/Max 52.1; 240 VAC Amperage Rated 20.8/Max 26.0; Engine Type and Displacement - OHV Single Cylinder 389cc; Oil Capacity - 1.1 Qt. (1.16 liter); Low Oil Shutdown - Standard; Fuel Capacity - 6.6 Gallons (24.98 liters); Run Time at 1/2 Load - 10 Hours; Dimensions L x W x H (inches); 33-1/2x 26-1/2 x 27-1/2. Unit Weight - 180 lbs. (81.6 kg.).

Our Price: $699.99
Pulsar PG6000 Portable Generator Pulsar PG6000 Portable Generator, 120/240 V, 42 A A, 5000/6000 W, 302 cc

Max. output 6000W/60HZ. Rated output 5000W/60HZ. Single cylinder 10 hp engine. 4 stroke, OHV, air cooled. Four 120 volt outlets, one 120v/240v twist lock. One 120v twist lock. Recoil start. 12 volt DC output. 3 into 1 digital meter.

Our Price: $699.99
Generac GP6500 Portable Generator Generac GP6500 Heavy Duty Portable Generator, 120/240 VAC, 54.2/27.1 A, 6500/8125 W

Long life OHV engine with low oil shutdown protection and covered, circuit breaker, protected Outlets. Steel fuel tank with built-in fuel gauge, locking, fold-down handle, 1.25" hardened steel tube frame, never-flat wheel kit, low tone muffler and hour meter to track maintenance. Specs: rated watts 6500, surge watts 8000, manual starting system, low oil level shutdown, idle control full speed, receptacles: 120v, (4) 20 amp 5-20r, 120/240v, (1) 30 amp l14-30r locking, built-in fuel gauge, portability kit, hour meter, weighs 184 lbs, dimensions 28.8"l x 26.8"w x 25"h, OHV engine, 3600 rpm, voltage is 120/240v single phase, frequency is 60 Hz, rated amps is 27.1, max amps is 33.3, 7.2 gal. gas tank and 10 hour run time at 50 percent load.

Our Price: $779.99
Pulsar FG7750E Generator Pulsar FG7750E Generator, 120/240 V, 8.3 A, 6250/7750 W, 4-Stroke OHV Air-Cooled, 1-Cylinder

For ideal performance from this "Built Ford Tough" 7750 peak watts, gasoline generator. Simple pushbutton, electric-start powered by its own maintenance free battery to the huge 420cc, engine. This EPA, CARB and CSA certified machine has been designed for years of use. Removable control panel with 25' mega-duty extension cord that allows user to actually move both the starter switch and two 120 v AC duplex outlets for remote use up to 25' from the main unit and out of the weather. Also included is a 120/240v AC twist-lock and a 12v DC outlet. The 6.8 gallon fuel capacity offers up to 9 hours of operating time on a single tank of gasoline. Created to operate up to four major appliances at one time. 12" no-flat, easy-roll tires and the fold-down counter-balanced padded handle allows for on-top storage when not in use. Digital hour meter and an easy-to-read gas gauge, GFCI outlet protection with weather protector rubber covers on all primary outlets and a zinc-coated fuel tank interior that helps prevent interior tank corrosion.

Our Price: $1,049.99
Pulsar PG7500B Generator Pulsar PG7500B Generator, 120/240 V, 8.3 A, 6000/7500 W, 4-Stroke OHV Air-Cooled, 1-Cylinder

This generator is ideal for the job site, home use and outdoor activities. Featuring a strong powder coat steel frame, fold down locking handle and cutting edge technology, this unit makes an ideal addition to you assortment of must have portable power. 7750 watts peak; 6250 watts rated (Gas). 6250 watts peak; 5950 watts rated (LPG).  Switch and Go while the generator is running; switch from LPG to gas or from gas to LPG. Electric push start with recoil back-up, battery included. 420cc OHV engine. Four 120 volt receptacles. One 120 volt twist-lock receptacle. One 120/240 volt twist-lock receptacle. One 12 volt DC output. 3-N-1 digital meter. Circuit breakers. 10" no flat tires.

Our Price: $1,149.99
Generac GP15000E Portable Generator Generac GP15000E Portable Generator, 120/240 VAC, 125/62.5 A, 15000/22500 W, OHVI

Over 3000-hour engine life Fuel gauge Hardened steel tube cradle Fixed handles Low tone muffler. Hardened steel tube cradle. Steel fuel tank with incorporated fuel gauge. Low oil shutdown. Hour meter with maintenance resets. Circuit breaker protected outlets. Dimensions: L x W x H (in.) 48 1/2 x 30 3/4 x 38 1/2. Battery included but not cord. Specs: Engine OHVI; Engine Displacement (cc) 992; Rated Watts 15,000; Surge Watts 22,500; Fuel Capacity (gal.) 16; Start Type Electric. Low Oil Shutdown. Battery Part no. 0D4575 12 volt 35 Ah generator battery.

Our Price: $2,899.99